New Words 2014

Information for Promoters


A guiding principle of the New Words festival is that we will have no clashing events, so that our audiences are free to attend whichever events they choose. This means it is important that you agree with us the date, time and location of your event early in the planning process. Once this has been agreed you will be given an event code — please help us by quoting this event code in the subject of communications relating to the event.

It's also important to remember when planning events that New Words is a festival of literature in performance. You should consider how the event will be experienced by the audience, and seek performers who will make an entertaining and stimulating performance out of their work. Events mixing words with music and other artforms are particularly welcome. New Words is not just a book festival and we discourage events consisting of an author simply reading a passage from their latest book then expecting to sell and sign lots of copies.

Proposals for workshop events are also welcome, especially if they can be linked to a performance event.

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