New Words 2014

Information for Promoters


You should use whatever means you have available to publicise your event — don't rely on the New Words publicity to generate an audience for you! Please make sure posters are displayed at venues, notifications sent out by email, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth....

The individual events are quite autonomous, but we ask that you make sure that your publicity clearly indicates that the event is a part of the New Words festival, including the New Words logo and mention of the web address, providing links from promoters' websites. This is to everyone's advantage, as we will all benefit from the shared publicity effort.

For the purposes of communication and publicity, please send the following information to us as soon as possible after your event has been agreed:

  • Date1, start1 and finish2 times
  • Venue1
  • Admission charges2
  • Title1
  • Subtitle/strapline1 — max 15 words
  • Event summary2 — 50-100 words plus any relevant images
  • Biographies and photos of key artists2 — each 50-100 words
  • Promoter3 — the name and web address of the organisation chiefly responsible for making the event happen
  • Supporters3 — the names and web addresses of any other organisations supporting the event financially or in kind
  • Coordinator4 — the name and email address of one person who will be the main contact for the event

Please send all event-related communications to and remember to include the event code in the subject line.

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