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Review: Demented Eloquence

Performance poetry showcase


Friday 9 September 2011

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Cellar 35, Aberdeen [Map]

Rapunzel Wizard

Compered by the scary, lairy and hairy Rapunzel Wizard, who started off the evening with a selection of his own anarcho-comedic performance poetry, then introduced us to a quartet of diverse poets, in fact you couldn't get more diverse than the four performing tonight.

Haworth Hodgkinson

Haworth Hodgkinson gave us weird quirky wordplay from his randomly selected poems in his inimitable style. A special mention goes to his enigmatic train timetable piece, Concourse, which refers to stations which no longer exist, something that makes it all the more enigmatic.

Grant Fraser

The explosive Grant Fraser had us speechless in our seats for his set of angry rantings which included Death Fuck. I've seen this poem on the page, but it is onstage where Grant Fraser is best. He really walks it like he talks it, a hard hitting performer, a guitarless punk.

Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell gave us wry commentary on various subjects and was well received by the audience. I've often thought of him as very much Burns influenced, but it's clear there's more to him than that.

Sid Ozalid

All the way from Holland, Aberdeen's own Sid Ozalid was promoting his book Mr Elastic Brain; Sid is an engaging performer who really can work an audience. He had us in stitches with comments to the crowd, a riposte to a heckler, poems about his family, nonsense poems, and hilarious poems. What a hugely entertaining poet he is.

The open mic spots were good also, Richie Brown being the highlight for me, with his poem Riot Act.

What a great way to spend a Friday night — listening to the wonders of Demented Eloquence!

I look forward to the next one in October!

Review by Mark Pithie

Photos by Cal Wallace

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