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Review: Himself by the Seaside

Launch of the latest Lemon Tree Writers chapbook


Saturday 24 September 2011

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Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen [Map]

The latest chapbook from Aberdeen's Lemon Tree Writers features contributions from four of its most talented and diverse members. This Saturday lunchtime, to a sizable crowd, we heard from them each in turn after a fine introduction from Bill Robertson.

Ian Anderson

The poetry of Ian Anderson is, for the main, mild-mannered and gentle, like the man himself. Ian draws on a love of the countryside and incorporates the sights, sounds and smells of weekend horse-riding into his verse. However, he later bares his teeth with several biting works tackling politics, religion and other social issues, finishing with a thought-provoking and uniquely cross-generational poem.

Cal Wallace

Natural wit Cal Wallace is quick to give the audience the jocular hard-sell, but justifies it with a reading of It from the book — a warning, or perhaps a celebration, of peer pressure. Two further highlights from his previous collection The Man with the Silver Eye find the air filled with laughter and a further completely fresh, futuristic tale showcases both Cal's skilful turn of phrase and his unstoppable imagination.

Bill Robertson

Bill Robertson may appear to be sponsored today by a well-known firm of throat sweets but it does nothing to hamper his performance. Best known for his dark fiction, Bill surprises us with two well-crafted poems. However, his stories The Breakthrough and Stupid Baby show the real power in his pen as the assembled audience find themselves laughing out loud one minute then picking their jaws up from the floor the next.

Alasdair Gordon

The work of poet and translator Alasdair Gordon neatly stitches together themes from his native Scotland and his Grecian home of fifteen years. Today he is joined by representatives from either nation in Morna Annandale and Kostas Papadopoulos who give new voices to his often whimsical, but always strong verse. Highlights include his hilarious series of iPhone Senryus and the touching Ithaca where the message "getting there is half the fun" comes across most strongly, even if your journey happens to turn into an odyssey.

Published by Lemon Tree Writers, and with a cover illustration by Cal Wallace, Himself by the Seaside is available at any Lemon Tree Writers event.

Review and photos by Richie Brown

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